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Welcome to Feller Financial Blog!

I grew up in South Jersey. Fast forward a few years and I became a graduate of the University of Connecticut, moved and became a financial advisor in Boca Raton, FL. 10 years ago I started an independent financial planning office with my business partner, Richard Koblick. We both came from a similar middle class background in which we watched our parents (who were highly educated and gainfully employed) struggle to get real and honest help with their financial plans. As the son of a government employee and computer engineer that had difficulty “getting ahead,” I became passionate about helping the middle class achieve success. The same success with the same level of service as the perceived upper class who seemed to get all the personalized attention in the financial planning world. This led me and my business partner to start Feller Financial Services, which emphasizes financial education for all. 

On March 8th 2016, I became much more than just a financial advisor. I became a mentor, a friend, and a disciplinarian all in one. I became a father to my beautiful daughter, Isabella. My daydreams all of the sudden became much less selfish. My dreams at night all of the sudden included Bella. My goals and aspirations became so much more than personal success. I came to see the real value in what I do — I educate families and help them plan for their financial future.  

So why blog, and why blog now?   Well it isn’t for the stuff I can present.  It’s for the stuff I can’t.  It’s for the days that seem endless and the thoughts that get me through. It’s for what I’m doing to get my family ahead, personally and financially. It’s for the things that make me laugh and the things that keep me up at night. It’s for the thoughts I have as a business owner and a father. 

Whether you are a father, a grandfather, a mother, a daughter, a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone looking for something genuine, my goal is to relate and educate. 

The bottom line — I want to tell you my thoughts. Not as a financial advisor. Not as a father. Not as a business owner. But as Joshua Feller and Feller Financial Services, who encompass all three. And hopefully I can make you laugh with my stories, make you think by sharing my thoughts, and educate based on my actions. Welcome! 

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