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Developing a Tailored Plan

With Clarity, Education and Guidance

Adapting to Your Needs

Every Step of the Way

Our team values forming a relationship with you before offering our recommendations because we want to make sure trust is established in order to successfully implement our solutions. As we get to know one another, you’ll be equipped with the practical knowledge you need to not only understand our suggestions but adopt the habits of an effective decision-maker.

Every step of the way Boca Raton, FL Feller Financial Services

The Feller Financial Road Map

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Step 1:


During our initial conversation, we will take the time to answer your general questions related to retirement planning, investments, taxes and insurance. You’ll learn the differences between investing and financial planning, as well as determine if the Feller Road Map can be beneficial to you.

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Step 2:


Next, you’ll meet with one of our experienced professionals to clarify your values, goals and current financial circumstances. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a time-tested financial planning process that can help you make beneficial choices with your wealth and stay on track to achieve your goals.

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Step 3:

Your Personal Financial
Plan Meeting

Our objective in following the Feller Road Map is to empower you to feel confident when making decisions to reach your goals. Using current financial tools and experience, we’ll actively illustrate what to consider in order to bridge the gap from where you are now and where you need to be when it comes to cash reserves, investments, debt and insurances.

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Step 4:

Road Map

We’ll begin to implement your plan by making sure your assets are properly positioned to remain on track as you work towards meeting your goals. Furthermore, we’ll take the time to familiarize you with how to access your online performance reports, setting you up for eMoney and more.

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Step 5:


The primary goal of your annual or semi-annual check-up is to maintain confidence that you are on track towards meeting your goals. In addition, we will update records with any new information, answer questions you may have, review investment allocation, taxes strategies and performance. We will also go over additional investments and withdrawals and follow up on open action items or make any other necessary adjustments.

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Step 6:

Feller Road Map

At Feller Financial Services, we host annual client events, including dinners, wine-tastings, lunches, etc. to celebrate your achievements, share experiences and ideas about your goals. Each quarter, we host three seminars that address financial subjects including Social Security, healthcare, retirements and more.

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Step 7:

Your Road Map

We strive to help make sure your goals remain on track and, in unforeseen circumstances, that your heirs are taken care of. We’ll help ensure that your hard work and success are seamlessly transferred to your loved ones or charities and the details of your financial future are addressed.

Throughout Our Partnership Our Mission Stands Strong

Feller Financial Services provides quality financial planning and investment planning services through Voya Financial Advisors to individuals and businesses in the South Florida Area. We believe "quality" begins with education - we focus on helping clients gain an understanding of the basic principles of financial planning.

We empower clients to take control of their financial future by helping them understand their protection, accumulation, retirement and legacy needs. As an independent firm, we are not driven by product quotas or sales objectives. We select products and investment vehicles based solely on the needs of our clients. We look forward to working together to help you achieve your financial goals.

It All Begins With a Conversation

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