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Feller Financial Services Blog

Our Feller Financial blog posts are a compilation of timely and diverse topics. Browse our library of engaging posts touching on everything from legislation, lifestyle, travel, retirement planning, education savings and much more. Education is a cornerstone of our practice and as we always say, an educated client is a happy client. 

Guide to Comparing the FRS Investment Plan vs. Pension Plan Thumbnail

Guide to Comparing the FRS Investment Plan vs. Pension Plan

In charting a course toward retirement for Florida public employees, the Florida Retirement System (FRS) offers two distinct plans: the FRS Investment Plan and the FRS Pension Plan. Whether you are an educator, law enforcement officer, first responder, municipal employee or other FRS participant category, your FRS is an important element of your career and life. Educating yourself about each plan's features and benefits provides clarity since they cater to differing financial needs and preferences.

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Smart Credit Card Strategies Thumbnail

Smart Credit Card Strategies

Credit card debt has recently hit record highs. This month's Feller Financial Services blog will discuss the current state of credit card debt and provide strategies to help people pay down their debts.

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