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May Team Spotlight is Richard Koblick Thumbnail

May Team Spotlight is Richard Koblick

A big (really it's a big one) Happy Birthday to our co-founder this month! Get to know our Vice President, Richard a little better. He may seem like just your friendly neighborhood financial advisor, but there is so much more to discover! Let's get inside his brain with a few questions...

Q. What are a couple of your favorite quotes?

 A.  The Golden Rule-  "Treat Others the way you would like to be treated"  and  "It's all about the Free T-shirts"


Q. Have you ever had a nickname, if so, what is it?

A. Nickname was Juice in College. From the show Howard Stern the character Beetlejuice is how I got my name, thinking I resemble him and it stuck in my fraternity of Alpha Epsilon Pi. 


Q. Where did you grow up and what is one great memory from there?

A. Kensington California- Growing up and going down to UC Berkeley area and walking around to the street vendors 


Q. In your opinion, what is the best part about working in Finance?

A. The best part about working in finance is being able to help a family or an individual accomplish their goals and make them feel confident and knowledgeable about their finances.


Q. Do you have any hobbies? If so, tell us a bit about them.

A. Tennis and collecting Designer Vinyl Art toys.  This  became a passion of mine very quickly in 2019 and the pandemic only intensified it!

Q. Pets? yes/no. 

A. Yes I have a dog named Sammi.  We got him before we had kids to make sure we could take care of him before having my two wonderful children. 

oh yeah, also... GO PANTHERS!!

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