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Feller Financial Services

Joshua Feller and Richard Koblick Boca Raton, FL Feller Financial Services

Join Our Team

We are currently looking for individuals who are passionate about financial services and creating long-lasting relationships with clients to join our team. Dedicated to training, mentoring and providing the resources necessary to help our financial advisors succeed, we believe in a comprehensive training program and a strict, but transferable process.

Because of this program, we do not require an extensive financial or sales background. We are looking for someone who meets the characteristics below:

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Competitive
  • Loyal
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Confident
  • Coachable
  • Hardworking
  • Intelligent

Is a Financial Advisor Career
the Right Fit for You?

At Feller Financial Services, we do not take our positions lightly. Becoming a financial advisor entails a number of responsibilities and commitments, including the following:

  • Obtaining licenses and registrations to support your career.
  • Creating a market of trusted professionals to work with.
  • Learning about the different markets and products that are available to your clients.
  • Developing a marketing plan that will allow you to spread your message and services to the community.
  • Working with individuals and their families to help evaluate their goals as they strive for financial independence.
  • Expanding your presence in the financial industry and establishing yourself as a business owner and an active member of the community.
  • Teaching others about the knowledge you have acquired.
  • Regularly continuing your education.

Current Positions

Financial Services Internship

Junior Associate

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